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Home Match Fishing Rules

1. The match duration will be as advertised.

2. Fish safety is utmost and comes first in all situations.

3. All fish must be returned to the water.

4. Anyone intoxicated, or unable to ensure their personal safety, will be asked to leave.

5. No floating baits, jokers, treble or barbed hooks.

6. The match organiser has the final say in all disputes.

7. Anglers are allowed to plumb the depth, but are not allowed to pre bait their peg, feeders are not to be used to clip vour line distance.

8. Each angler shall have in use one rod or pole, plus one single hook, but can have others set up on standby.

9. All Carp must be in a separate net to silver fish, maximum weight per net is 50lb as set by Radcliffe Angling Society.

10. Maximum individual sized fish in a keep net is 14lb, all fish over this weight must be weighed immediately and returned to the water.

11. A suitable landing net is essential to every match, including suitable keepnets and a disgorger.

12. Anglers may fish as far as half the distance, between their pegs on either side, where anglers are drawn on opposite banks, the limit of the swim is halfway.

13. No angler may move, or exchange their peg, without the organisers consent. (The draw is part of the match)

14. No bait can be given or swapped with any angler, during the match.

15. Weeding and gardening is allowed, but anglers are not to enter the water, or disturb another angler's peg.

16. All anglers must always act in a sporting manner.

17. Anglers must stop fishing immediately at the 'All Out' however if an angler is playing a hooked fish, they have up to, 15 minutes to land the fish.

18. All fish must be weighed at the angler's peg.

19. Anglers are to ensure their pegs are clear of litter.


1st = 7 points

2nd = 6 points

3rd = 5 points

4th = 4 points

5th = 3 points

6th placing and below 2 points

Those not weighing in but staying till the end = 1 point

Those not weighing in and leaving before the end = 0 points

To cover for illness and holidays each league competitor will have their worst score of the season deducted from the final points total.


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