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Club Officials and Committee


President:  Robert Rothwell

Chairman:  Mark Donohue

General Secretary:  Colin Ashby

Assistant Secretary: Alan Webb

Card Secretary:  Colin Ashby

Match Secretaries: Home: Steve Cooper, Away: Ian Frain

Treasurer:  Colin Ashby 

Assistant Treasurer: Ian Condron

Social Media:  Steven Payne

Trustees:  Colin Ashby, , Mark Donohue, Ian Condron

Auditors:  Rowlinson Rainbow             

 Committee:  Ian Condron, Scott Lomax, Tony Costello, Alan Webb,

Mark Donohue, Colin Ashby

Child Protection Officers:  

Delegates to CADG:  Colin Ashby

Child Welfare Officer:  Tony Costello

Bailiffs        Head Bailiff: Scott Lomax




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