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Club Rules

That this Society is called "THE RADCLIFFE ANGLING SOCIETY".

- All members and non members must be in possession of a relevant up to date Environment Agency Fishing License and a valid members permit/day ticket to fish club waters.

-The President, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee and other Officials shall be elected at the A.G.M. in November, and shall take Office at the next monthly meeting. The President and the Secretary are empowered to call a meeting of the Committee when required.

-All questions shall be decided by a majority of members present and the Chairman shall have the casting vote in case of equality.

-If any grievance shall arise amongst the members of this society so that it may lead to desire to break up the same, it is hereby unanimously agreed that as long as this Society consist of three members it shall not be broken up or its funds divided.

-No poachers are allowed to become members.

-Members shall not take dogs with them whilst fishing any club waters.

-Any member being expelled for misconduct shall forfeit all benefits of the Society.

-Any member who has been expelled from the Society cannot rejoin unless they apply to the Committee and obtain the necessary permission.

-If any member of this Society be found guilty of striking or attempting to strike a brother member, or guilty of swearing or laying wagers during Club hours, they shall be dealt with as the majority of the Committee present may decide.

-That no member will be allowed to fish with a line unless connected to a rod, nor may they fish with more than two rods.

-That no member shall be allowed to fish within ten metres of another member without the consent of such member.

-Unhooking mats must be used when Carp or Pike fishing.

-No live baiting on any Club waters.

-Any member using unlawful means to destroy either Fish or Game, or fishing where they have no liberty, or using insulting language to owner or Bailiffs belonging to fishing waters, or in breaking down fencing or damaging property of any person especially on their angling excursions, shall for such an offence if proved to the satisfaction of the Society be expelled. Any member knowing of the same and not informing the Society at the succeeding Club meeting shall be dealt with by the Committee.

- All anglers are to be respectful to each other upholding the clubs values and standards.


- The use of holding nets for Pike is prohibited unless in an official club competition.


- Wire traces are to be used when targeting Pike.

-No Mirror, Common, or Leather Carp to be retained in a keep-net other than in a match, and none to be removed from any Club waters.

-No fish to be introduced to any of the Society’s waters without the prior approval of the Committee.

-The close season for the Society’s waters shall be shown in the Club’s Permit.

-All members booking a seat on a coach must pay for the seat.

-The wife of a member will be allowed to fish provided the member is in accompaniment.

-Juniors must purchase a Permit from the age of ten years to sixteen years.

-Night fishing is ONLY allowed on Starmount top lodge with relevant permit/night ticket.

-A maximum of two rods are allowed at any one time. Anyone fishing with two rods must only occupy one position.

-There shall be no alteration of any of these rules except at the A.G.M. or a special meeting called for such a purpose when notice of motion shall be given at least four weeks before the meeting.

-These rules and regulations shall be revised as and when considered necessary.

-Should any question or dispute arise not provided for in these rules the Committee shall decide the same and their decision shall be final.

-The Trustees shall act in relation to the property invested in them as such, upon the direction of the Committee and not otherwise. They shall not be entitled as against the property of the Society to be indemnified against any personal liability incurred by them in so doing.


- Barbed hooks are not allowed unless targeting Pike.


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